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MAKE-UP transformation 

For every occasion, we prioritize using high-quality, long-lasting makeup to enhance your confidence and ensure your look stays flawless throughout the day. Experience radiant, refreshed, and captivating beauty with our expert touch!

We excel in both natural and glamorous makeup styles, seamlessly blending the two if desired. Specializing in bridal, airbrush, print, film, special effects, and high-fashion runway makeup, we also offer comprehensive makeup and hair training.

As a professional artist team, our passion lies in revealing the inner beauty of each individual. We believe in enhancing rather than masking true beauty, aiming to accentuate your uniqueness on your special day.


Our services extend beyond weddings to encompass portraits, commercials, events, and various other occasions. Count among our clientele actors, models, celebrities, and more.

Rest assured, we exclusively use top-tier cosmetics to ensure exceptional results.

Bridal Makeover
Before VS After
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Las Vegas, NV                           702-701-0582   (Text)

Los Angeles , CA                       323-800-6799   (Text)

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