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Every moment is blessed!


Q1:  What are your equipments?

• We use different gear for different events, but we guarantee that our equipment is the latest,

   the best, and the most suitable for our clients' projects.

• Camera list :Sony A7S3, A7M4, A7M3, Canon EOS R5/R6,

                          BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k,RED Epic-W 8K

• Lens list: 24-105, 24-70,16-35,70-200,35 1.4,50 1.8, 85 1.8

• Stabilizer/Gimbal: DJI, ZHIYUN

• Drone: DJI

• Sound: Sony URX-P03

Q2:  What is your photo/video style?

Our photo/video work is realistic, elegant, vivid, and artistic. However, we are not limited to any particular style.

You can send us photos you like, and we will do our best to match your preferences.

Please communicate with us about your preferred photo editing tones. If you don't have specific requests,

we will produce the photos in our default style.

Q3:  What will you receive after shooting?

• You will receive photo/video files from a 20GB cloud drive,

   which you can share with everyone and download for free.

• Unlimited photo shoots, with at least 100 photos delivered every hour,

   and unlimited video shooting with full recording of important moments.

• We can provide all raw photos/footage upon request. (Please inform us before your service day.)

• All high-resolution photos or videos are edited to ensure high quality.

• Photo editing is typically delivered within 1-2 weeks,

   while video editing is usually completed within 1-2 months.

   Urgent delivery is negotiable but may require an additional cost.

• There are no watermarks or logos on our videos.

Q4:  What do we shoot on the wedding day? 

----------Details includes but not limited-----------

• Getting ready : Bridal party, Groom party, makeup, getting dressed, etc.

• Details photos : The dress, shoes, wedding stationery (invitation, menu, etc.) the entire wedding party.       

   bouquet, boutonniere,  jewelry , accessories, ceremony decor items, ring, pillow, signage, etc.,

• First Look, first kiss etc.

• Ceremony shoot - Bride & groom, guests and all the details of the location

• Bridal party , Groom party, family, friends.

• Couple's shoot- just you, and your new spouses!

• Reception-Guests, important speech, first dance, wedding cake, bouquet toss, etc.  And all the details of the venue.


Q1:  What style of makeup&hair style do we do ?

Our style is elegant and clean, ranging from Asian natural to Hollywood glam! We provide makeup services for all ethnicities. Simply send us a picture of the look you like, and we will do our best to match your preferences.

Q2:  What steps  do we do for makeup ?

For makeup we use all high-end cosmetics. Here is the step include but not limited,

skin care-primer-color correction-foundation(airbrush choice)-concealer-up eyeshadow-bottom eyeshadow-

eyeliner-false eyelashes-mascara-blush-contour-high lighter-lip stick-setting powder-final setting spray

Q3:  Brands we use ?


all high quality makeup brands include but not limited.

Q4:  What do you need to prepare before makeup?

We suggest using a hydrating face mask 3 times a week leading up to your big day. On the makeup day,

it's essential to keep your face clean. Avoid wearing any makeup, moisturizer, or sunscreen, or if necessary,

or use a very light moisturizer. This will ensure a clean canvas for your makeup artist to work on and help your makeup last longer throughout the day.

Q5:      What do you need to prepare before hair?

Wash your hair the night before the makeup day and ensure it is fully dry.

Avoid using conditioner or use a very light conditioner to help your hairstyle last longer.

If for any reason you need to wash your hair in the morning, that's fine. However,

it's crucial that your hair is 100% dry. Please understand that due to time constraints,

we do not provide hair drying services, or there may be an additional charge for this service.

Q6:    What do you receive after makeup?(Bride only)

You will receive beautiful makeover!

Also a touch up kit, includes sponge, skin-care products,  

oil blocking paper, cotton swap, few eyelash glue and few lip stick for touch up.

DJ Services

Q1:  Why us?

Our DJ team adapts to your musical cultural preferences, curating a unique soundtrack

    tailored specifically to your taste. Transform your event into a standout success that will

    leave everyone memorable moment! 

Each of our DJs boasts a collection of over 10,000 songs, ensuring we never disappoint.


What makes us unique? While amateurs may play random tracks,

    true professionals like us always find the perfect song at the perfect moment!"

    We will get your guests on the dance floor in no time!

Q2:   What are the things you need to know before your party day?

Pick a music theme/style that you like most ! such as soothing/upbeat, classical/edm...

Give us a must play list ! you can simply tell us the name of the song, and the artist of the vision.

 no worries , if  you don't have any ideas we also accept song requests on the day!

    (please understand for streaming music may get poor quality)

Ask us questions, ask for suggestions, pick our brains!

Thanks for submitting! 

Las Vegas, NV                           702-701-0582   (Text)

Los Angeles , CA                       323-800-6799   (Text)

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