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We're your one-stop destination, saving you time and effort by fulfilling all your needs under one roof. From captivating photography to flawless makeup and pulsating DJ sets, we've got you all covered. With us, you can relax knowing that every detail is taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy your event without any hassle!


Our photography skillfully captures each moment,

painting a vivid narrative that tells your story with clarity and artistry.

With a delicate touch, our makeup artists elevate natural beauty,

ensuring every face radiates confidence and poise.

And our DJs? They're the heartbeat of the party,

curating playlists bursting with energy and emotion,

keeping the dance floor alive until the final beat.

We're fully trained and equipped to accommodate large groups,

dedicated to documenting each unique moment that you'll treasure

for a lifetime. Using only the best professional gear, we ensure the highest quality for every event, whether it's weddings, portraits,

products, commercials, or other occasions.Our clients are diverse industries include actors, models, celebrities, and more, and

we take pride in designing unique artwork tailored exclusively to you!


Meet The Team

Luna Zhou


Luna Zhou, the WPPI Silver Medal winner,

graduated from The Los Angeles Film School. She is professionally engaged in events, weddings, film, beauty,

and fashion.


Luna has worked with numerous celebrities, famous actors, singers, and supermodels worldwide. Additionally, Luna has established great partnerships with fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Fox.

-Lead team of 2019 Christian Dior's Beauty Gala Exhibition
-Lead team of 2019 US-China Television & Film Summit.
-Lead team of 2019 Jade-W fashion show 
-Lead team of 2020 Charlotte Runway show
-Lead team of 2021 America I Dream Cup
-Lead team of 2022 Miss China-US Travel Contest
-Lead team of 2022 Miss international fashion pageant 
-Lead team of 2023 AACC expo
-Lead team of 2023 CES expo
-Lead team of 2024 UCLA annual gala 
-Lead team of 2024 66th Grammy awards celebration 
-Lead team of 2024 96th Oscar hollywoord premiere 

Captain Alley


Caption Alley has visited over 70 countries around the world, enriching his understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, which greatly influences his photography.

Renowned for his ability to capture the raw emotion of a moment, Caption Alley possesses a unique talent for seizing fleeting moments that resonate deeply with viewers.

His photographic style is characterized by its creativity and uniqueness, consistently delivering images that evoke a sense of brightness and joy.

  • President of the German HRS Portrait Photo Association

  • President of the Paris Portrait Photo Association

  • Vice President of Paris Commercial Photography

  • Vice President of Spain Photography Association

  • Captain of Global Travel Photography

  • TikTok Operation Instructor

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Las Vegas, NV                           702-701-0582   (Text)

Los Angeles , CA                       323-800-6799   (Text)

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